Prof Graham Galloway
Prof Graham Galloway

Contact Details

Centre for Advanced Imaging
Level 4, Building 57
Brisbane, QLD, 4072
Telephone: (+61) 7 336 54239
Fax: +61 7 3346 0346

Research Interests

Prof Galloway was nominated by the imaging community as the Inaugural Director of Operations of the National Imaging Facility and until recently was the Head of Education at the Centre for Advanced Imaging.
Prof Galloway’s research is defined by finding innovative solutions to novel problems, of breaking new ground, of pushing the envelope of research using MR. His publications include the first human liver and heart spectra, novel pulse sequences for volume selection and water suppression and the first 3D FSE echo experiments. His role in all projects is characterised by his multidisciplinary background, which ensures that he is able to draw together these apparently disparate threads. Current research interests include:

  • Australian Mouse Brain Mapping Consortium (NHMRC Enabling)
  • Clinical Centre for Research Excellence in Spine Injury and Disease
  • Liver Steatosis and Cardiac Fibrosis

Current Grants

  • Janke, McLaughlin, Ullmann, Brereton, Reutens, Galloway, Hamilton. System to Synapse. Australian Research Council Linkage Project; LP130100881; 2013-2015; $174k.
  • Galloway, Brereton, Meikle, Rae, Price, Ordidge, Egan, Jackson, Rossell, Kuchel, Sampson. National Imaging Facility, Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme 2013; 2015; $1,420k
  • Chong S., Kurniawan. N., Galloway G.J. Epigenetic and neurobehavioural changes in a new mouse model of foetal alcohol spectrum disorders. National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant, 2011-2014; $700k

Key Publications

  • Kurniawan, N. D., Richards, K. L., Yang, Z., She, D., Ullmann, J. F. P., Moldrich, R. X., Liu, S., Yaksic, J. U., Leanage, G., Kharatishvilia, I., Wimmer, V., Calamante, F., Galloway, G. J., Petrou, S. and Reutens, D. C. (2014) Visualization of mouse barrel cortex using ex-vivo track density imaging. NeuroImage, 87: 465-475.
  • Elliott, J. M., Pedler, A. R., Jull, G. A., Van Wyk, L., Galloway, G.J. and O'Leary, S. P. (2014) Differential changes in muscle composition exist in traumatic and nontraumatic neck pain. Spine, 39 1: 39-47.
  • Ullmann, J. F. P., Keller, M. D., Watson, C., Janke, A. L., Kurniawan, N. D., Yang, Z., Richards, K., Paxinos, G., Egan, G. F., Petrou, S., Bartlett, P., Galloway, G. J. and Reutens, D. C. (2012) Segmentation of the C57BL/6J mouse cerebellum in magnetic resonance images. NeuroImage, 62 3: 1408-1414.
  • Tieng, Q. M., Cowin, G. J., Reutens, D. C., Galloway, G. J. and Vegh, V. (2011) MRI demodulation frequency changes provide different information. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 66 6: 1513-1514.
  • Elliott, J, Pedler, A, Kenardy, J. A., Galloway, G. J., Jull, G. A. and Sterling, M. M. (2011) The temporal development of fatty infiltrates in the neck muscles following whiplash injury: An association with pain and posttraumatic stress. PLoS ONE, 6: e21194-1-e21194-6.
  • GJ Cowin, JR.Jonnson, S.McPherson, AD Clouston, M Benson, EE Powell, GJ Galloway (2009) Combined approach for non-invasive measurement of liver pathology by MR. J.Hepatology, 51, 1083-1084
  • V. Vegh, Quang Tieng, I.M.Brereton and G.J. Galloway (2009) A Wrapped Edge Transverse Gradient Coil Design for Increased Gradient Homogeneity. Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part B, 35B, 139-152
  • G. J. Cowin, J. R. Jonsson, J. D. Bauer, S. Ash, A. Ali, E. J. Osland, David M. Purdie, Andrew D. Clouston, E. E. Powell and G. J. Galloway (2008) Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy for Monitoring Liver Steatosis. J.Magn.Reson.Imag. 28, 937-945

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