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Graham Galloway's Research Group

  • Group leader
Prof Graham J. Galloway, BSc(Hons), PhD

Group leader, Centre for Advanced Imaging
Director of Operations, National Imaging Facility (NCRIS)
  • Group Research Students
    • Grain Al Shammari


 Research Interests

  • Prof. Galloway leads the Biomedical MRI group at the University of Queensland. He has supervised 14 PhD students in pulse sequence development, measurement of cardiac strain, studies of muscle metabolism, image analysis and processing in Alzheimers, water movement in concrete, functional MRI, development of 23Na MRI, musculature of the knee and training, changes in cartilage in osteoarthritis, musculature changes in whiplash, measurement of fat deposits as a function of disease, exercise or diet, development of novel rf coils, development of new gradient technology, applications of MR in toxicology and animal physiology.

  •  Defined by finding innovative solutions to novel problems, of breaking new ground, of pushing the envelope of research using MR, his publications include the first human liver and heart spectra, novel pulse sequences for volume selection and water suppression and the first 3D FSE echo experiments.

  •  His role in all projects is characterised by his multidisciplinary background, which ensures that he is able to draw together these apparently disparate threads. 

  • He led the development of the NCRIS Investment Plan for the Imaging component of Characterisation. This plan was accepted by DEST, with $7M Commonwealth funding, plus $10M state and institutional funding. Professor Galloway was nominated by the Imaging Community as the Inaugural Director of Operations of the National Imaging Facility.

Research Projects

  • Australian Mouse Brain Mapping Consortium (NHMRC Enabling)
  • Clinical Centre for Research Excellence in Spine Injury and Disease
  • Liver Steatosis
  • Cardiac Fibrosis

Key Publications

  • GJ Cowin, JR.Jonnson, S.McPherson, AD Clouston, M Benson, EE Powell, GJ Galloway. Combined approach for non-invasive measurement of liver pathology by MR. J.Hepatology, 51, 1083-1084 (2009)
  • J.Elliott, M.Sterling, J.T.Noteboom, J.Treleaven, G.Galloway, G.Jull. The Clinical Presentation of Chronic Whiplash and the Relationship to MRI Fatty Infiltrates in the Cervical Extensor Muscles: A Preliminary Investigation. Eur.Spine.J. 18, 1371-1378 (2009)
  • V. Vegh, Quang Tieng, I.M.Brereton and G.J. Galloway, A Wrapped Edge Transverse Gradient Coil Design for Increased Gradient Homogeneity. Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part B, 35B, 139-152 (2009)
  • Stuart McPherson, Gary J Cowin, Peter O’Rourke, Andrew Volp, Leigh Horsfall, Leona Burke, Julie R Jonsson, Andrew D Clouston, Jonathan Fawcett, Graham J Galloway, Mark Benson, Elizabeth E Powell2 Quantification of steatosis by magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy in liver disease: effect of hepatic fibrosis. Journal of Hepatology, 51, 389-.397 (2009)
  • Quang Tieng, P.Ullmann, G.J.Galloway, J.Hennig, G.J.Cowin, V.Vegh. An approach of deriving Relative Sensitivity Profiles for Image Reconstruction in MRI. IEEE JSTSP 2, 817-827 (2008)
  • Gary J. Cowin, Julie R. Jonsson, Judith D. Bauer, Susan Ash, Azmat Ali, Emma J. Osland, David M. Purdie, Andrew D. Clouston, Elizabeth E. Powell and Graham J. Galloway. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy for Monitoring Liver Steatosis (2008) J.Magn.Reson.Imag. 28, 937-945
  • James Elliott, Michelle Sterling, Jon Timothy Noteboom, Ross Darnell, Graham Galloway, Gwendolen Jull. Fatty infiltrate in the cervical extensor muscles is not a feature of chronic insidious onset neck pain (2008) Clin.Radiol. 63, 681-687
  • James Elliott, Gwendolen Jull, Jon Timothy Noteboom, Graham Galloway, MRI study of the cross-sectional area for the cervical extensor musculature in patients with persistent whiplash associated disorders (WAD). Man.Ther. 13, 258-265 (2008)
  • Leech, C., Lockington, D., Hooton, D., Galloway, G., Cowin, G. and Dux, G. Validation of Mualem’s conductivity model and prediction of the saturated permeability from the sorptivity. American Concrete Institute Materials Journal, 105, 44-51(2008).
  • Keller, M.D., Galloway, G.J. and Pollitt, C.C. (2006). Magnetic resonance microscopy of the equine hoof wall: a study of resolution and potential. Equine Veterinary Journal 38(5): 461-466.

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