Prof Graeme Hanson
Prof Graeme Hanson

Vale: Professor Graeme Hanson
16th July 1955- 25th February 2015

The Centre for Advanced Imaging acknowledges the passing of Professor Graeme Hanson on 25th February 2015, a passionate researcher who is internationally recognised for excellence in his chosen field.

Contact Details

Centre for Advanced Imaging
Level 4, Building 57
Brisbane, QLD, 4072
Telephone: (+61) 7 336 53242 (Office)
                   (+61) 7 334 60309 (EPR Lab)
Fax:            (+61) 7 3365 3833

Research Interests

Prof Graeme Hanson is a Professorial Research Fellow and head of the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Group at the Centre for Advanced Imaging. Prof Hanson is an Honorary Professor at the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University, a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and treasurer of the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry.
Prof Hanson employs a unique synergistic approach to the study of molecular structure and function involving both theoretical and experimental aspects of multifrequency continuous wave and pulsed EPR spectroscopy. The development of computer simulation software suites (XSophe-Sophe-XeprView, MoSophe, and iResonanz) commercialised through Bruker Biospin, has ensured that his research programs and collaborations are at the forefront of science and have yielded many ground-breaking and novel insights.
Recent highlights include:

  • Dinuclear copper complexes of pseudo cyclic octapeptides, synthetic analogues of ascidiacyclamide and patellamides found in ascidians on the Great Barrier Reef, are the most efficient catalysts (apart from carbonic anhydrase) for hydrolysing carbon dioxide. They have also been found to hydrolyse phospho mono- and di-esters
  • Structural characterisation of the S2 state of the multinuclear Mn/Ca cluster in photosystem II
  • Structural characterisation of free radicals in biological systems, intermediates in chemiluminescent reactions, organic free radicals – tetrazetidine (the first four membered nitrogen ring system), phthalocyanine nitroxides as potential molecular based electron spin qubits and halogen bonded nitroxides
  • Structural characterisation of solid state melanin and its photoconductivity properties
  • Development of dynamic nuclear polarisation (DNP) instrumentation and polarisation enhancement agents.

Keywords: EPR, HYSCORE, ENDOR, DEER Metalloenzymes, biomimetic complexes, melanin, free radicals, ROS, nitroxides, EPR imaging, DNP.

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Current Grants

  • S. Berners-Price, G.R. Hanson. AsBIC-7 Conference. Queensland State Government; 2014; $50k.
  • S. Drew, C. Masters, K. Barnham, U. Wille, A.G. Wedd, G.R. Hanson, G. Schenk, L.R. Gahan, A. Micallef, M. Smythe Enhancing the National Biomedical EPR and Molecular Imaging Centre. Australian Research Council; LE13 0100061; 2013; $1.422M.
  • XSophe-Sophe-XeprView License Income from Bruker Biospin.

Student project opportunities

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Key Publications

  • Jin, Lu, Smith, Paul, Noble, Christopher J., Stranger, Robert, Hanson, Graeme R. and Pace, Ron J. (2014) The electronic structure of the Mn containing oxygen evolving complex in photosystem II, as revealed by 55Mn Davies ENDOR studies at 2.5 K, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16:7799-7812.
  • Comba, Peter, Gahan, Lawrence R., Hanson, Graeme R, Maeder, Marcel and Westphal, Michael (2014) Carbonic anhydrase activity of dinuclear CuII complexes with patellamide model ligands. Dalton Transactions, 43 8: 3144-3152. Hot Article.
  • Comba, Peter, Dovalil, Nina, Gahan, Lawrence R., Hanson, Graeme R. and Westphal, Michael (2014) Cyclic peptide marine metabolites and CuII. Dalton Transactions, 43:1935-1956.
  • Russino, Debora, McDonald, Elle, Hejazi, Leila, Hanson, Graeme R. and Jones, Christopher E. (2013) The tachykinin peptide, neurokinin B, binds copper, forming an unusual [CuII(NKB)2] complex, and inhibits copper uptake into 1321N1 astrocytoma cells. ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 4(10):1371-81.
  • Hanson, Graeme R., Noble, Christopher J. and Benson, Simon (2013). XSophe – Sophe – XeprView and Molecular Sophe: computer simulation software suites for the analysis of continuous wave and pulsed EPR and ENDOR spectra. In Anders Lund and Masaru Shiotani (Ed.), EPR of free radicals in solids I: trends in methods and applications 2nd ed. (pp. 223-281) Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.
  • Camp, David, Campitelli, Marc, Hanson, Graeme R. and Jenkins, Ian D. (2012) Formation of an unusual four-membered nitrogen ring (Tetrazetidine) radical cation. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134 39: 16188-16196. Cover article. Spotlight and Challenge no. 122 in JACS. Highlighted in Chem. Eng. News, ChemAust, Synfacts.
  •  Mostert, Albertus B., Powell, Benjamin J., Pratt, Francis L., Hanson, Graeme R., Sarna, Tadeusz, Gentle, Ian R. and Meredith, Paul (2012) Role of semiconductivity and ion transport in the electrical conduction of melanin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA, 109 23: 8943-8947.
  • Mostert, A. Bernard, Hanson, Graeme R., Sarna, Tadeusz, Gentle, Ian R., Powell, Benjamin J. and Meredith, Paul (2013) Hydration-controlled X-Band EPR spectroscopy: A tool for unravelling the complexities of the solid-state free radical in eumelanin, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 117:4965-4972.

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Group members

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