Dr Kristofer Thurecht
Dr Kristofer Thurecht

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Centre for Advanced Imaging
Room 408, Building 57
Brisbane, QLD, 4072
Email: k.thurecht@uq.edu.au
Telephone: (+61) 7 334 60344
Fax: (+61) 7 3365 3833
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Current grants
Key publications

Research Interest

Development of architectural polymers for nanomedicine: Design, synthesis and preclinical evaluation of nanomaterials for molecular imaging and drug delivery.

Dr Thurecht’s research focusses on the development of polymer and nanoparticle-based devices for nanomedicine. For polymers to be truly effective in nanomedicine, they must incorporate new therapies while maintaining their physical and chemical integrity. This can only be achieved by developing a strong understanding of the fundamental properties of the nanomaterial-delivery system, in addition to identifying and successfully delivering new therapies. Central to the development of these future therapeutic platforms, is the field of theranostics, where molecular imaging plays a key role in understanding the dynamics of polymeric nanomedicines. Dr Thurecht’s team works across the boundaries of chemistry and materials, biology and imaging science to probe how nanomaterial properties affect their function in living animals.

A/Prof Thurecht leads projects under the following research programs:
Nanomedicine: development of multimodal molecular imaging probes for theranostics
Comparative Oncology
Advanced Materials for Medicine and Innovation Technology
Simultaneous PET-MRI

Keywords: Molecular imaging, Polymer chemistry, multimodal imaging, theranostics, drug delivery

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Current Grants

  • D.Reutens, M.Cooper, M.Smith, A.Boyd, L.Richards, P.Bartlett, P.Russell, D.Walker, R.Bhalla, M.Barth, C.Palmieri, K.Thurecht, T.Venkatachalam, R.Allavena, R.Straw, Y.Tesiram, J.Bunt, M.Francois, G.Osborne. ACRF Facility for Molecular Imaging Agents in Cancer (AFMIAC). Australian Cancer Research Foundation; 2015; $2.5m
  • Thurecht KJ, Boyle G, Alexander C. Multifunctional and Multimodal Theranostics: Manipulating Material Properties for Advanced Diagnostics. Australian Research Council DP140100951; 2014-2016; $370000
  • Prof Thomas Davis, Prof Frank Caruso, Prof Chris Porter, Prof John Gooding, Prof Nicolas Voelcker, Prof Andrew Whittaker, Prof Nigel Bunnett, Prof Mark Kendall, Prof Edmund Crampin, Prof Stephen Kent, Prof Robert Parton, Prof Maria Kavallaris, Prof Benjamin Boyd, Dr Matthew Kearnes, Dr Kristofer Thurecht, Dr Angus Johnston, A/Prof Pall Thordarson, Prof Thomas Nann, Dr Simon Corrie, Prof Kenneth Dawson, Dr Craig Hawker, Prof David Haddleton, Prof Cameron Alexander, Prof Molly Stevens, Dr Keith McLean, Prof Nicholas Abbott, Prof Dr Doo Sung Lee, Dr Ivan Greguric, Prof Jason Lewis. ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-nano Science and Technology. Australian Research Council CE140100036; 2014-2020; $2.6m
  • Thurecht, Mahler, Rolfe, Russell, Campbell. Next generation hybrid nanomaterials: bispecific antibodies using anti-PEG. Australian Research Council Linkage Project; 2015-2018; $360k
  • Thurecht, Russell, Mahler, Boyd, Howard. NHMRC Immuno-polymeric drugs for prostate cancer therapy; 2016-2018; $627k
  • Thurecht, Reutens, Whitttaker, Corrie, Walker, Stenzel, Boyer. Facility for nanomaterial characterisation and imaging. Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities; 2016

Student project opportunities

Please visit our PhD projects page, under Better understanding of diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Key Publications

  • BE Rolfe, I Blakey, O Squires, H Peng, NRB Boase, C Alexander, PG Parsons, BM Boyle, AK Whittaker and KJ Thurecht. (2014) Multimodal polymer nanoparticles with combined 19F magnetic resonance and optical detection for tuneable, targeted, multimodal imaging in vivo. J. Am. Chem. Soc.; 136(6), 2413-2419.
  • A Ardana, AK Whittaker and KJ Thurecht. (2014) “PEG-Based Hyperbranched Polymer Theranostics: Optimising Chemistries for Improved Bioconjugation”. Macromolecules, 47(15), 5211-5219.
  • S Puttick, NRB Boase, I Blakey and KJ Thurecht. (2014) “Imaging tumour distribution of a polymeric drug delivery platform in vivo by PET-MRI”. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Early View. DOI: 10.1002/jctb.4508
  • NRB. Boase, I Blakey and KJ Thurecht. (2012) Molecular Imaging with Polymers. Polym. Chem.; 3, 1384-1389.
  • DJ Coles, BE Rolfe, NRB Boase, RN Veedu and KJ Thurecht. (2013) Aptamer-targeted hyperbranched polymers: towards greater specificity for tumours in vivo. Chem. Commun.; 49(37), 3836-3838.
  • S Puttick, AL Davis, K Butler, DJ Irvine, P Licence and KJ Thurecht. (2013) The influence of domain segregation in ionic liquids upon controlled polymerization mechanisms: RAFT Polymerisation. Polym. Chem.; 4(5), 1337-1344.
  • JH Tan, NAJ McMillan, E Payne, C Alexander, F Heath, AK Whittaker and KJ Thurecht. (2012) Hyperbranched polymers as delivery vectors for oligonucleotides. J. Polym. Sci., Part A Polym. Chem; 50, 2585-2595.
  • Thurecht, K.J., Blakey, I., Peng, H., Squires, O., Hsu, S., Alexander, C., Whittaker, A.K. (2010). Functional Hyperbranched Polymers: Towards Targeted in vivo 19F MRI using Designed Macromolecules. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132, 5336-5337.

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Group members

Post-doctoral fellow Research Assistant Research Higher Degree Students Graduated RHD Students Honours Students

Dr Adrian Fuchs
Dr Zachary Houston
Dr Nick Fletcher
Dr Craig Bell 
Dr Christopher Howard

Mr Joshua Simpson

Johnny Fu
Liyu Chen
Aditya Ardana
Anna Gemmell
Yongmei Zhao
Gishan Ratnayake
Kye Robinson
Jing Zhang
Dewan Akhter
Felicity Han

Dr Nathan Boase
Dr Stephen Goodall
Dr Yiming Ma
Dr Kewei Wang
Dr Amanda Pearce

Mr Zachariah Schuurs
Mr Nick Westra Van Holthe


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